Sara Ekholm Eriksson

Growing Collective Memories

Hydroponics system built of construction sites materials, cuttings, memories.

Shown at the exhibition Flygbussen that Sara Ekholm Eriksson and Fatima Kassius organized.

Link to Flygbussens website:


An abandoned bus stop that Sara and other artists have occupied. The bus stop was remade into a greenhouse in which Sara has built a hydroponic system. This project focuses on ways of living with nature in a city, combined with the memories that plants have accumulated through generations. Plants are able to change their behavior and learn. They are able to remember past experiences even in long term (for example a long cold winter). Plants have been moving with humans during all times. Are they a part of our collective memory, can they teach us about our history and future? The cuttings in the hydroponic system have stories, memories from the owners of the “mother plants''. 


This is an ongoing project where Sara still gathers cuttings, do you have a plant with a memory you want to share you are welcome to contact her at