Projects: Exhibition: Seçkin Tercan - Untitled

Exhibition: Seçkin Tercan - Untitled

Dates to be announced

Place: EMAA Başkent Sanat Merkezi, Nicosia (North)


In societies, where individual existence disappeared and a militarist perception to standardize

people is rooted, cultural violence psychologically flattens all people. Bounden duty of combat. Being alone with the weapon. Military service! These are some of the significant characteristics of the Middle East’s militarist social structure. People’s becoming uniform individuals in years. Their becoming a part of the army as a “soldier” follows them hard upon in their civil life. Trying to be obligatory soldiers, individuals make an effort to play this role in any aspect of everyday life. Many sculptures forcedly placed on some points of the city and particularly in the squares by the oppressive regimes turn into undefined textures after a while. Individuals within the society begin to be indefinable like most of those hero sculptures. They turn into undefined copies reminding their existence to the living ones through their cold stance! Being a resident of a geography in constant political instability brings about a life to be spent with being undefined and playing the given roles with a militarist motivation. Cannot be independent from military service and constantly obliged to be parts of a whole, people lose their free nature after a while. Being in a constant motion with their community push them to become parts of an army, rather than being individuals. Even when they do not wear a uniform, they actually have to be undefined identityless soldiers of the invisible army.

An act of thinking produced by the heterosexist social structure is what being masculine requires and brings along. Filled in public spaces for national feasts, people are expected to present their admiration for the sculptures in these spaces, as militarist-hetero soldiers.


Seçkin Tercan

Born in Cyprus Kyrenia, 1978. Attended Mimar Sinan University, Fine Arts Faculty, Photography Department, in 1995. Attended MA degree program in the same University in 2000. He obtained his MA degree with the thesis “ Evolution of Stereoscopic Photography and Applications Today” in 2003. He started Phd in the same University 2004. He won third award in Nude photography Los Angeles International Photography Awards in 2004. He had first solo exhibition called “Total Part” in Cyprus Nicosia March 2006. This was followed by an exhibition called “Fetus” in Cyprus Nicosia in April 2007 and “Hands” in Boise, Idaho, USA in July 2007. He has also participated in various other joint exhibitions. He obtained his Phd degree with the thesis “Fictional Portrait in Art of Photography” in 2008. He is working as an Associate Professor in MSGSU Fine Arts Faculty Photography Department. Lives and works in Istanbul and New York.