1. Monteverdi, seconda prattica and the doctrine of affections (teoria degli affetti)

    1.1 Cantare con grazia as common denominator of the early vocal treatises

    1.2 The current problem of interpretation - Il Lamento d' Arianna


2. A bridge between old and new 

    2.1 The rediscovery of Monteverdi at the beginning of the 20th century, starting from Malipiero

    2.2 New musical languages after the melodramma: the voice as main focus


3. Luciano Berio and the vocal gesture

    3.1 The poetics

    3.2 Lucian Berio and Claudio Monteverdi

    3.3 Cathy Berberian and the voice as a laboratory of sounds


4. La pratica degli affetti: seconda prattica and poetics of gesture in comparison

   Lamento d'Arianna-Avendo gran disio (video example)