Losing Time

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Songs series

Two songs performed by MCME: Ivan Bushuev (flute), Oleg Tantsov (clarinet), Yulia Migunova (cello), Mikhail Dubov (piano), and Vasilisa Filatova (music box). First performance, 12 September 2019 at the Music School of Tchaikovsky City.

Two songs performed by MCME.

Second performance, 14 September 2019 at Moscow Philharmonics.

Four more songs performed by Sasha Elina (flute), Vasilisa Filatova (violin), Arie Verheul-van de Ven (viola), Seamus Cater (concertina), Myrtó Nizami (accordion), and Eva Beunk (trumpet). 14 April 2020 at Spring Festival Online.

Four more songs performed by Andrés Þór Þorvarðarson (guitar), Alexander Pilchen (violin), and Carlos Castro van der Elst (keyboard). 22 May 2020 at Raflost X RASK. Starts at 18'35''.

Up to fifteen songs performed by Ere Lievonen (harmonium), Rasmus Osbeck, Alexander Göransson, Gonçalo Martins, and Ricardo Mendes (music boxes). 15 February 2020 at Orgelpark, Amsterdam.

Four more songs performed by Irena Sopova (viola), Yulia Migunova (cello), Maria Sadurdinova (piano), Il’ya Gribov (melodica), and Philip Nodel (oboe). 8 May 2020 at New Acousmatic. Starts at 9'45''.