Belén Cerezo

The territory between the images, 2012

The Territory between the Images, 2012

Four-channel video (b/w and colour, silent, 10 min, loop)


In The Territory between the Images I filmed with a hand-held video camera two types of photographic materials, which belong to the land registry, and also recorded the navigation via Google Earth through the rural territory of the province of Leon, Spain. The title of this video-installation The Territory between the Images alludes to the new understandings on this territory that are produced through a taxonomic juxtaposition of archival images. 

When starting this project, I was pondering on rural areas and the interplay of history and geography, more specifically the issue of the massive depopulation of the rural areas in Spain since the second half of the 20th century. This is a noteworthy phenomenon in recent Spanish History as most of the Spanish population before 1950s was rural. In this way in TTBI micro-history and macro-history collide.

 The Territory between the Images was developed within the framework of the workshop ‘The methodology of the project’, led by the artist Antoni Muntadas, which took place in the MUSAC, Museum of Contemporary Art in Leon, Spain.  


Research exhibition, installation view, Space 1,

Primary, Nottingham, November 2014.