//Material of Boredom//

Does boredom have a concrete shape?

Suddenly, I got a lot of spare time at home due to the covid-19 crisis.

Every time when I feel bored, I make an object by using the material I found around me.

I believe that every boredom I sense is different on each day. 

Little by little.

Day by day. 

I will find out how my boredom, which is my state of mind change.


//Material of Security//


What material would you use to protect yourself when you feel insecure?


I collected how do people replace protective equipment with other materials under the present situation.


It is interesting to see it is not much different from the choice of material between Asia and western countries.


Some of the material seems unexpected but making sense with the context.



//Walking Photography//


We are restricted to go out after lockdown.


For a limited outdoor activity, I leave my shell and stroll in the park or street once a week.


Never thought about going out is a precious thing to me.


So I film what I see while walking.


To record what is happening, what is changed at the moment.