Leah's Trace 11 May 

my ritual meditation connecting breath to space to energies

Holographic Breathing


Der Bobe steht allein auf der Wiese


The boy is standing alone on a meadow


Erblickt dort einen Schmetterling so atemberaubend


There he sees a breathtaking butterfly


Ja der Bobe tanzt allein auf der Wiese


Yes, the boy dances alone on a meadow


Zum schlage der fantastische Flügel


to the beat of the fantastic wings!

Dear Irene,

"The witching time of night"

From reading your letter I see before my inner eye the nightsky in the summer, in august when the stars becomes visible agian, and you can here the crickets playing and have a feeling of how we are also a part of the universe.

When listening to your recording that sounds very distant but with a close breath, I think of you looking at the stars from your roof and telling us this story.

Thank you Irene!




Chrysa April 21 11.29am

This is what I found on my kitchen table after visiting your house.








Irene Cantero

NPP 2019-2021



April/May 2020







Katarina 11/5 2020

Thank you Irene!

Sunni 04th of May, 2020, 12: 30

Kristins trace 11/05



Sunni's trace 21st of April, 19: 12


May/June 2020

Nadi 21/04

+ one more link (for the shots not the sound) 

Salka's trace 04/05/20 12:34


My dearest Cantero Sanz,


I listen to your soft but firm voice while lying on the floor resting my bones. 

I very much enjoy your soothening voice, sometimes I don't catch a word but I don't mind (oerhaps because I've already read it beforw), I travel with you. Your voice change a bit into the letter, as if you allow yourself to travel with the phrases rather than telling me – you taste the words more. Sometimes it could even go slower or with a longer pause but I'm not sure. 

I like you wispering in my ear.

I like closing my eyes and imagining a dark sky with bright twinkling stars, I haven't seen a sky like that for a while. The dome in me and in the sky above.


I want to lay down and look at the sky with you when we see each other again.


Yours unfeignedly,



Kristins trace 04.05.20 , 11.56

Dear Irene,

my room this morning is filled with light from springs sunlight and reflctions of

light green leaves just sprung out into it. It feels so vibrantly fresh.

Thank you for your letter. It transported my imagination towards the 

night sky and the longing for my gaze to dance with the stars - while imagining them .. I will try it one clear night how this dance can be felt..

Then just being transported into the bodily meeting with this giant light-being

overtaking my inside for a while.. I am curious how it appeared. And the subtle enter into science fiction - poetry leaving traces of sensations within my body. Like an inner vulcanoes dance.. vibrating fingertips and warm intestines.. curiously blended within sentences of a letter. The appearing and disappearing - impermanence but also the realness of an other place - here for a while.

I was first reading it and then listening to it. In the reading I  did go back and read the last part once more in a slower tempo to really take the time to enter it again.. Spending time with the sky whilst reading , closing my eyes for a moment to let it in and let it happen, time for takeing part in it.. 

And in the listening you were already there so I could just follow.. following your voice felt like a dance . The rythm, pauses, tone of voice and pronaunciation shaped the feeling of it and brought forth a real sharing .. and made me think of the sky - also where you are - and also the shared bigness we all are a part of.

Thank you for sharing your letter filled with wonders of the sky ..




Kajsa 4 May



Dear Irene, I am writing this response sinking into the pillows of my bed, very present in my body, and somewhat alien to the technique I use to write this, a computer. It seems out of time with the experience of your letter. I first read the letter, then listened to your recording. When reading it myself, I was struck by the formal and theatrical tone of the language. It spoke to me from another (older) time, and another space, a space of storytelling. The contrast to this when listening to your voice was stark. Your voice, the soft quality of reading, made the letter feel less formal, more intimate and the experience was of a here and now, much more than a theatrical space of story telling. But glimpses of theatre remained in a positive way, leaving room for me to engage at various levels of physical empathy, "playing the role" of the reader/receiver and distancing humour.

Leah 21/4 


Objects have a glaze on them

A man is stuck in a book, his face + mouth is flattened


What is the tactility in drawing vs modeling 3D? Colour? Paper? Stroke? What if you could go futher into blank space?

What is attractive about the 2Dimensional space of the paper? or what about folding? Hidden surfaces? Depth of colour and tone beyond the world that it is surfaced in.




Nov/Dec 2020






Jan-March 2021

San Michelle

dei Mucchietti




May-June 2021



Iris_6/5/2020 18.32


Your words, your voice

Guiding me through different time/spaces

I feel safe with you. You know the familiar and the unfamiliar for me territories. You have been there before. I am drawn to follow you.  

My skin is porous.

The inside and the outside are merged, blended.

One eye jumps to the other, a star meets another star easily, effortlessly.

Distances and times are beyond measurement when I hear/read your letter

The leap from the faraway universe to my deep inside cavities is instantaneous.

I find myself observing the stars and then being inside my body while at the same time experiencing how you are closely experiencing the inside of you.


You as a wise caretaker tenderly cocoon me with a blanket of a starry night. Your soothing story- telling voice helps me traverse the impossible with my imagination; I space travel and return sensing more

the in and the out.


I get transported to Samothraki, “my” island. It is a warm summer night. We are at the beach. I make a wish to the shooting star. My friend, Irene knows the sky and the names of the stars and the constellations. The scorpion and the Orion, the big and little bear.... I fall asleep within the stars I gaze upon.

iris 11/5/2020 12.07

don't forget magic


keep it simple

would love to read the whole list


E.Bauer 11/05

listened to your radio show thank you 

i never thought about astrology as a projection of symbols of a collective unconscioous and its archetypes. something like that if i remember the jungiian quote... it made the sense-making of it all a kind of auto-anthropology, at the same time an exercise in making sense as such. any "divination" like tarot or otherwise as an aesthetic practice... mirroring how one makes sense is all. just a compositional practice really... xx 

* It may be a bit tricky to visit this, you will find play buttons and arrows to see the contents, if you follow an arrow you cannot come back (unless you re-open the thing). 

Salka 21/04



Nadi | 4/05/20 | 3:48 pm


Dear Irene,


First I read your letter, then I started listening your letter with my eyes closed and at the end I was lipsyncing your letter, along with your voice and with the letter in front of me.

The experiences in all of these different ways are not clear yet, to be honest. The words you chose to write, the paraphrasing, the metaphores and the images you used created multiple feelings to me at the same time. In ways that I can't separate them and make them clear for you, yet.

Some thoughts are that it made me feel like I am dreaming. I was living in my imagination. At the same time there was a narration of that dream, as if it was a movie. A poetic movie. And your voice was the voice over of this film. And this makes me smile, cause why do I have a Spanish accent speaking English, narrating my own imagination and dream? I love though your accent. It makes me feel closer to you, the raw way of pronouncing a word. I can relate to that, so probably this is why, you are my narrator.

Last but not least, I felt it like an exploration of the body. The inside of the body and the enviroment that the body exists, in the world, in the Stars.

Also, here I leave for you a picture that includes part of my experience with your letter. It is from summer (August) 2016, at the southest part of Greece, in Crete island, in the Sougia beach, facing the south, sunrise time.


Thank you for the unique teletransporting that you created for me. Thank you for your generosity.




pensamientos sobre tu texto y audio. 

    Adriana 4/5

La ecografia de mis apuntes a traves de tí

       Adriana 23/4

Micro/Macro Ryoji Ikeda

Aqui un Link a un insight a su trabajo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?        v=5y7WZk_IVqI   

Adriana 24/4

Chrysa May 11, 12.04

Written version

Together with A.Cantero and Julio León Rocha.

Eleanor 23.04


i thought about the way animals respond to the eclipse of the sun - the particualr kind of quiet that takes place in that time....

Frank 4/5/20

Chrysa May 4 at 5pm

Louise 4 maj 2020

Once you say now when it's not written. Once you say now where it's not written.

I find that perfect. 

Recorded version

annika on my nameday













This was the first letter of a correspondence between different artists


Dearest Cantero,

I'm writing this to you at sunset in Hobart. I like Frank's comment next to me about the quietness of animals at sunset. That's a very different quiet to the busy peak-hour road traffic I'm hearing in my sunset. 

The audio letter gives me more detail for where you want me to be and how you want me to hear the words on the page. With the written letter, I do some of this work on my own.The written letter is some what more vivid through the written word but the audio becomes more vivid through the ear.. I hear the sound of the words rather than read the meaning. I have pasted a talk of Ocean Vuong, a poet from Vietnam that now lives in the US. Instead of the future being in our hands, he says "the future is in our mouths". Happy listening. I always escape reality in your studio. Thanks for that x

annika - late trace

Sunni 12. 05. 20, 14: 27

Nostalgia for the Light (2010), by Patricio Guzmán.

Csilla 27.04. 18:43


A                        somatic                 /          cosmic                        oracle

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Spring 2020

Re-made Feb21

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Tools for interpretation


Atlas Sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica Mundi et Fabricati Figura –Atlas or cosmographical meditations upon the creation of the universe, and the universe as created–.


A map appears as a sensorial, approximate and incomplete translation of a “territory”. I like maps as a representation of a non-linear situation. So, a map contains motion: you can get a sense of the movement you need to go across the map using the map.

We have done a 3-books bilingual -Spanish/English-edition with the letters, conversations and context of the project. 


of maps

1 - I read some maps to  MAR  and

she makes her own

2 - We re-make Mar's map together

in collaboration with some NPP mates

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Score/Map for an experiential bibliography. Oct.2019.

This is Un gato en bicicleta, the place in Seville where the letters are hosted. At the end of March we shared the project there with some friends.

Working with Mar Rodríguez Valverde for some days in Los Barros, Madrid.

Photos by Miguel Jiménez.

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ABSTRACT for the presentations/sharing of all this

in May2021 in Stockholm

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