still photographs courtesy of Richard Launder

If the projections and experiments staged at KMD in January 2018, marked both an articulation of the frustrations that had been building-up around my use of representations and the first tentative steps in reappraising the centrality of the image to my research inquiry, ‘The objects perform themselves’, created as part of a workshop run by Richard Launder, Jefford Horrigan, Peter McCaughey and Julia Collura, marked perhaps a more through-going albeit unrefined response in practice to those frustrations, marking a decisive move forward in my work by creating a different relationship between image and embodied, situated practice, which also decisively and explicitly moved my image-making beyond “collecting evidence” and into creating it.


The work used a collective performance (seen in the photographs, above) to assemble the sounds and objects which would ultimately become an installation, recorded using video (see, right).


On the sound-track of the video you can hear the repeated "chirrup" created by electronic smoke alarms which form a part of the installation. This work was also notable in that it marked an early example of my deliberate incorporation of past, autobiographical experience in my work-making (Here, the experience of moving through a building full of many dozens of failing smoke detectors), along with the then dominant visual motifs of my research; those objects (in this case chairs) whose affordances were redolent of absent bodily presence.



Feb 2018 'The objects perform themselves', Bergen. Photo and video documentation of performance and installation

video documentation of the installation that marked the aftermath and culmination  of the performance