All Yugoslavs were equal

but some Yugoslavs were more equal than others by Fjolla Hoxha



The Adult Pioneer: Welcome to the virtual space of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia! Please stand in honor of our anthem!


Instrumental Anthem – 0:50 sec. 


Hej, Sloveni, jošte živi
Duh naših dedova,
Dok za narod srce bije
njihovih sinova.

Živi, živi duh slovenski,
Živeće vekov'ma!
Zalud preti ponor pakla, 
Zalud vatra groma!

Nek se sada i nad nama
Burom sve raznese,
Stena puca, dub se lama,
Zemlja nek se trese!

Mi stojimo postojano 
Kano klisurine, 
Proklet bio izdajica
Svoje domovine!

Hey Slavs

our grandfathers’ Spirit still lives

As long as their sons’ heart beats for the people


It lives, the spirit of Slavs lives,

It will live for centuries

The abyss of hell threatens in vain,

The fire of thunder is in vain


Now let everything above us

Be carried away by the bura

The rock cracks, the oak breaks,

Let the ground shake


We stand steadfastly

Like cliffs,

Let the traitor of his homeland

Be damned!






Do you believe in ghosts?

We don’t either

But we are the cyber consciousness

Of a glorious time

Resting in the dusty memory

Of these lands torn apart


We come in peace

To share the truth about our values

The truth about our wonderful country

The greatest in the world

The voice of the united anti-fascist youth

In times of fake news

The United pioneers of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia


Born in 1942

Died in 1992, 50 years old

Content with a good life 

Enabled by my leader Josip Broz Tito and his fearless partisans.

Every day of my short but fully lived life

I stood in front of his picture

With my tight partisan fist on my forehead

I sang the anthem of my homeland

And shouted:


Death to fascism! Long live the people Of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia!


I have fond memories from my childhood:


I first wore my red scarf

At age seven,

My blue Titovka

With its shiny red star

And I recited my pledge with pride:


Today, as I become a Pioneer,

I give my Pioneer's word of honor -

That I shall study and work diligently,

respect parents and my seniors,

and be a loyal and honest comrade/friend.

That I shall love our homeland, self-managed

socialist federal republic of Yugoslavia.

That I shall spread brotherhood and unity

and the principles for which comrade Tito fought.

And that I shall value all peoples of the world who respect freedom and peace!


I was offered great education

And guaranteed a career

To serve my country 

As an honorable and devoted volunteer?


I was taught to be responsible

I was taught to be respectful

I was taught to study hard

I was taught to work hard

the future generations of the nation. 

And was rewarded for my dedication

Only to the extent

That I remained blind and obedient




All Yugoslavs were equal, but some Yugoslavs were more equal than others.

The Yugoslavian emblem had 5 torches;

Slovenians, Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Macedonians Montenegrins 

They all had a torch inscribed in all Yugoslavian symbols 

but I come from the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo

I am not Slavic

Serbo-Croatian is not my mother-tongue

I am a traditionally Muslim Albanian woman

And I don’t have a torch!


In 1974 Kosovo gained virtual self-government. 

In March 1981, Kosovar Albanian students organized protests seeking that Kosovo become a republic within Yugoslavia.


We want a torch! We want a torch! We want a torch! – people shouted 


But we never got one!


The black sheep of the communist herd

The trespassers of momentous treaties

The stains of the grand idea

The trouble-makers


A brotherhood turned into raped women and children  


Tell me now major general Tito

You who knew all the answers

What was hiding under the steadfastly cliffs of my homeland?

Inequality? Debt? Or a secret agenda?

Where is my home

After all the bloodshed and trauma

Why can’t a traditionally Muslim Albanian woman

have her own torch?


I have become the fragmented cyber consciousness

Of a gloomy time filled with hatred and crime

Resting in the rusty memory

Of these lands torn apart


I come in vain

To share the disillusionment with my past


The Adult Pioneer turns Tito’s photo slowly to reveal an EU flag with a fleeing star…