The course profile Narrative Space – Production Design for Film and Media investigates how space, place, architecture and objects, may be used as narrative tools in film and media storytelling. 

Design students explore the notion of what moving image story spaces may be through a variety of perspectives. World building, animation processes, virtual reality techniques, historical research, crafts traditions or the making of sounds may all be starting points. Though what all projects have in common is a curiosity for the skills and practices that support and enhance a narrative through the use of production design, spatial design, environment design and character design for camera.

Over the past two years students have widened their artistic practice through learning new visual concept development tools as well as new and old practical skills for design specific visual communication, including analogue and digital technical drawing, modelmaking and visual research. They have built film sets and have forged interdisciplinary collaborations within - and outside of - SKH and sought new knowledge through games methodologies, VR processes and traditional and digital landscaping tools.

Through experiments, reflection and expositions students have contributed to the discourse on spatial approaches in moving image storytelling, narrative visualisation, narrative representation and narrative mixed realities – as well as the beginnings of a new community of practice here at SKH.

Exam projects focus on research interests specific to each student. They are presented through documentation of built environments and written texts in Research Catalogue.

Narrative Space profile leader is Eli Bø, Professor of Design for Film and Media at Stockholm University of the Arts.


Stockholm University of the Arts



Eli Bø