The master course Documentary Processes is one of three specializations in the Master's program for Film and Media. Together with seven students we have in the past two years tried to developed new knowledge within contemporary reality-based storytelling. This through both theory and practice. Emphasis has been put on the exploration and deepening of the artist's own artistic process. Documentary Processes has, we hope, contributed to the development of ideas and practices of artistic exploration and storytelling.

Alongside the ongoing artistic development work, we have discussed the topics of artistic courage, idea development and ethics. We have put our own practice in relation to others, studied different artistic methods, even from other artistic fields, and formulated our own. The students have challenged and improved their artistry individually but also as a group through recurring class gatherings. They have sought their own tone, gaze and expression. We have used experimentation and reflection as a method for developing new thoughts and new approaches in the documentary practice. The examination project is a close-up study of an aspect seen as crucial in one's artistic work. Or an exploration of a certain element in one's own artistic process. The examination piece is hence described as a research question and it’s presented in the form of a practical experiment and a written text. The results can be seen on line on the students Research Catalogue pages.

Bengt Bok and Erik Gandini, both professors at Stockholm University of the Arts have been heading the course.



Stockholm University of the Arts



Bengt Bok
Erik Gandini