Selected exhibitions / performance / public presentations

Publications / Writing


Artist/ Concept developer / Researcher

Artist / Researcher

Teacher / Researcher

Concept developer

2013-2015 MeSch

EU Project



Waag Society

Embodied Learning Installation


Publication Book

Performance_As_interface | Interface_As_Performance

Performance Lecture ISIS Conference, University of Utrecht

HKU Core Teacher Interactive Performance Design




Waag Society


Kunst and Media Academy, Budapest, Hungary

Trafo Media Arts Theater and Museum Budapest, Hongary

Frankenstein Festival, Artez Studium Generale, Enschede


Body as Play

BST Journal


Stiching Genees-Kunst, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Hack the Brain

Brain Ed

1st Prize 


Tanzrauschen, Wuppertal, Germany




Triggers  to entice an audience to ‘perform as interface’ in an interactive installation

ACM Library

MA Scenography,

HKU Utrecht


Cinedans, Amsterdam


Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

Hack the Brain

Second Brain

Honorary Mention

PopArts  Conference, Ostadetheater, Amsterdam

Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, Tilburg


Museum Schunck*, Heerlen (group)

Night of Art & Science, Leidse Schouwburg, Leiden

Enter the Writers

Researcher for Domein van Kunstkritiek and Cinekid


Website Publishing Lab

Essay Smart Illusion

for Enter the Writers

Augustus 2016 - Januari 2017

Textile Academy Waag Society Amsterdam

MA Performance, ARTEZ, Arnhem


‘Cyborg Dating’ in: Mixed reality and the theatre of the future, Arts and New technologies.

IETM and HKU University of the Arts


Gallery Schatjes,

TA Waag Society

artistiek concept en mood board commission Textielfactorij 

ARTEZ Visual Arts University of the Arts, Zwolle

February - March 2017 Visit India, commissioned by TextielFactorij, Training in Bandhani

Concept developer Art/Science project Brainbeliefs, Waag ism VU University of Amsterdam

The Act of Bandhani,


video Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade (group)

Report and Research Proposal

The Act of Bandhani

Minor Creative

Design Practices

HKU College


Attendance Rietveld Uncut Conference Hold Me Now

Playful Arts Festival, De Muzerije, s’Hertogenbosch

AHK: Theatre design, Directing, Design and technology


 Pre Phd Programme


BredaPhoto, Bredaas Museum, Breda

Visit to In-Touch Lab in London

description day 1 and day 2


Minor Creative

Design Practices

HKU College

Presentation / Proposal_2

 Pre Phd Programme



Museumfabriek, Enschede (group)

Pre-PHD programme HKU

Spring 2019

ARTEZ Visual Arts University of the Arts, Zwolle

Tekst Knitted Structures


Photos of Knitted Structures


Knitted Structures


Video of prototype


Video of prototype

Notes / Reflection

Year 1 Pre Phd

Touch Performance in Marci Panis


Video of performance (360 degrees)

Photos of Objects and Touch Performance


Pre Phd Programme



July 2019

Photos Eye_Balls

and presentation

Research Pavilion #3 | Venice


Video of Interaction

Autumn 2019


Lecture and slides  EARN conference in Leeds 

Minor Creative

Design Practices

HKU College

Photos Tactile Objects, Leeds

Text for publication Uniarts | Helsinki

‘Tacile Composition’ in: I Experience as I Experiment – I Experiment as I Experience. Experience and experimentality in artistic work and research. Toim. / Ed. Denise Ziegler, Published by The Academy of Fine Arts at the university of the Arts Helsinki, pag. 177

Photos Tactile Composition, Helsinki


Video Presentation



Graduate programme University of Humanistic Studies

Photos Tresholds of Touch, Bloomsbury Studio, London

Research May 2020

MA Scenography,

HKU Utrecht


Tactile Composition' in: Forum+, Summer 2020

Photos How to be Fluid, Kaaitheatre, Brussels

Video close up tactile interaction


Video complete performance


Presentation of Mapping Tactility

with Carey Jewitt | IN-TOUCH lab

Bartlett Festival 'Postpandemic Body'

Open Zoom, starts at: 25:40



Text Website AMC project Wellicht