Thinking and evaluating the possible approaches on now to create the Immersive experiences that capture the qualities I imagine being guidelines for my own practice, a while back I realized that the key notion that serves as a starting point for all questioning was the notion of Reality .


The quest into the notion took me to a lot of places, but no one work really felt it spoke to a type of internalised, deeply felt understanding on the notion. That is, until I read ''The Zen Teachings of Bodhidharma''

After reading this majestic piece of writing, I realized that , as per my understanding of how to approach and grasp the notion of reality, there already is a system of reference to be used as a guideline.


Then from, I delved deeper and deeper into the Vedic system of thinking, and later schools of thought then sprung from these scriptures all across India, China, Japan and the Himalayan region starting from 1,500 BC.


Further, these writings have inspired all Buddhistic scriptures to come. This, I tend to see the whole school of spiritual and philosophical approaches tat sprung from these scriptures as aftermaths of the Vedic logic and system - as they build from its base.

Advaita (non-duality) as a prism into artistic creation