This space is an invitation to continue the collective practice of archiving we started in the last weeks.


The pieces you shared last week are inserted per duo. On May 19th we can explore the spaces around these 'documentations'. I will invite you - in couples - to construct a common space around the shared images. Your assemblages can be uploaded later on a new common page (in the medium you choose).

I was particularly interested in the space we created around every ‘piece’, that occurred in a layered way (the space indicating the actual relations between objects and people; but also the ‘political’ space of the Tito-regime, the dialogue as a space, memory as a space, the space of the medium (foto, recording, movie,…) etc,...


find the script here


























tuesday 18th of May


Introduction. Check your page (upper left corner in 'content'). Both your input is there. Randomly arranged in the given space. Do you feel an urge to re-arrange them? Can you hear an echo of what we spoke about last week? How do they communicate with each other at first sight?


Individual exercise. Take 10 min to write down (notion page:, what you remember from last week's session. Focus on your own input and on the other person's input.


If there is a resemblance, a particular contrast, or any association in this assemblage, note it down. What qualities should a common space for these elements have?


Discussion in pairs. Make seperate video-room for you and your partner. Set a timer on 7 minutes and push 'record' (in jitsi that's a button in the right lower corner). Discuss your notes. The recordings can be added later to our common archive.


Group discussion. Did the conversation open other spaces?


Exercise in pairs. This is an invitation to expand (on) your common space. Together, find a medium that challenges the space you share. Document your actions (sketches, pictures, screenshots, any recordings, slideshows, everything is possible). This documentation can be added on your common page for next week or into a common 'assemblage'.


Group discussion. What happened?