“Digital Location Workshop”

in collaboration with the 3D lab of the Fine Arts University

Skågkyrkogården, 2020

From storytelling monologue: I think I leant most about Sweden when I went to the big cemetery the skogkyrkogården. This is a UNESCO monument and it is also where Great Garbo is buried which I know because people tend to see her ghost once in a while but mostly when they want youtube views. Until I went there, the swediest thing I knew of was ABBA. And I have a theory that they weren't really a band, I believed they were Swedish propaganda trying to persuade us that couples can happily hang out and work together. Which is interesting because then the propaganda failed exactly on the basis of what the propaganda was created. But when I got in this forest cemetery, I would see the nature, the wooden plagues, that look exactly the same for everybody, and mostly all those trees in between. I understood how the people that made this place knew the healing power of nature and how people here deal with a loss with the help of it. But also how death is the same for everybody. Probably except Greta Garbo. She has her own separate hill.  But she was huge at the time and the architects were her fans too. I think this was a real experience of Sweden. But what does it mean to experience something?  I used to believe that it means that as you are exposed to something you feel and then you think, but doesn't that happen anyway? I believe this is a never stopping process of your mind that doesn't necessarily need a trigger.  Harald said, to truly experience something means that you understand (I don’t always), and then you know (I don’t always, too).

Perform for the dead