This exposition focuses on an important portion of the Baschets’ work: the use of clamped rods to create complex systems of oscillation. We intend to show the complexity and richness of the Baschet world as well as proving the efficacy of their theoretical approach, which allows anyone (and everyone) to understand and create sound objects. We propose the term odontophones for a wide family of sound sculptures based on the use of clamped rods, as a humorous but serious tribute to the Baschet acoustic system, fostering a finer understanding of a great variety of complex sound devices. In this exposition we offer explanations of the Baschet perspective and audiovisual examples to help the reader and listener appreciate how these sound devices work. 


The information presented in this exposition is the result of Martí Ruiz’s direct study with Bernard and François Baschet and his continued research into their body of work.1 Martí has continued the Baschets’ endeavours at the University of Barcelona Sound Art Laboratory and with several collaborators around the world,2 building Baschet-inspired sound sculptures under the moniker après-Baschet and encouraging “Baschetological” studies.3

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