Tick, Tack, Tick, Tack, Tick, Tack

Stuart Whipps


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“At one time I was so impressed, so enthralled by the beauty of colour and form that I wanted to perpetuate it forever. Long before I knew about movies, I tried to imitate the camera and say ‘tick’ when I was moved by something, feeling that I was recording this particular scene for ever, and then I would say ‘tack’ when it was over. My mental film clips lasted longer and longer. First they would just be a few seconds and then, after about a year, several minutes. I would say ‘tick’ and then something ugly would spoil the scene or something boring would happen and I would say ‘tack’. When I was about eight, I said ‘tick’ one day and forgot to say ‘tack’ and it has been running ever since, this interior camera.”

– Edward James, Swans Reflecting Elephants