ElectroSantouri (2017) is an acousmatic work which includes transformed soundworlds emerging from a traditional Greek instrument called santouri. The santouri is mainly used for traditional ceremonies such as weddings or Hellenic islands’ local feasts. I decided to make use of this instrument in a totally different way; by exploring its pitch and gestural possibilities and by using its idiomatic sound as a basis for transformed soundworlds. A number of electronic works featuring the santouri have been composed but through detailed research I found out that in these works, the instrument was used in its natural form whereas other electronic sounds were added in the background. In opposition to these works, my work features new sound textures emerging from the instrument itself as the main compositional tool.






Chromatocosmos (2015): An electroacoustic piece which is based on baghlamas’ original recordings. Baghlamas is a traditional Greek instrument which has its roots to an Ancient Greek instrument called pandoura. In my work I made an attempt to explore the characteristics of the instrument and its relation to history and Hellenic Culture via acousmatic music. The work has references to melodic lines widely used by baghlamas’ performers but is mainly an attempt to recreate a new sonic world. I also aimed to use the instrument in innovative ways, from the recording process (use of sounds emerging from the chording of the instrument) to the development process (application of a wide range of transformations which would lead the sound in new boundaries). The addition of background cinematic-style sounds emerging from the baghlamas through various transformations, creates a constant dialogue with the foreground sounds. The various sonic colours observed as the piece evolves justify its title.