Skimmer och sken

Försök till en essäfilmens fenomenologi. Uppsats kursen Mikrohistorier 2020/2021 (Swedish only)

O≡Cyan as an exposition is structiured as a growing archive, a process-based model for assembling a material essay on Cyan and cyanides in relation to a dark holism. As such it spans over a catalog of artifacts, experiments and micro-historical documents concerning the overlapping dark manifestations of cyan and cyanides.

For a dark holism to matter

Organic Cyan (images of oxygenation)

Sweetwater lake and saltwater coastal regions specifically in the North and Baltic Sea, often affected by seasonal cyanobacterial algal bloom, both caused by and leading to biological (over)-production and sometimes poisonous pollution.

Extractive Cyan
(images of aurification)

Sites haunted by disastrous Gold cyanidation, resulting from dam failure, cyanide leaching into the environment and toxic waste discharge, e.g. the village of Geamana, Romania.

Necropolitical Cyan (images of asphyxiation)

Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), also known as hydrocyanic acidprussic acid or Blausäure was the toxic agent in Zyklon B used in the Holocaust. Cyan in cyanide-based poisoning both in Holocaust and Nazi suicide pills.

Optical/Original Cyan (negative images)

Photochemical manifestations and the discovery and naming of Berliner Blau/Preußisch Blau as a major invention in the history of arts, synchronous with the invention of cyanotypes by Sir John Herschel and their pioneering use in Anna Atkins Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions.