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Performed/staged actions and gestures

Kevin, Jaja and Marit comes in from Bonn, Rotterdam and The Hague. Ariane, Breg and Gert-Jan come in from Nantes and Brussels, and Ilona from Maastricht.

Check-in in the forest. We chose an open spot, on a tiny hill, amongst bushes and trees. Siebren comes in from Ghent.


Constellation exercise initiated by Breg.

Material check.

Building first prototypes in two groups.

Morning ritual, initiated by Gert-Jan

Contuing building on prototypes.

Group discussion on trust and coherance.

Continuiation in two groups. Buildup tension.

Morning ritual/workshop initiated by Jaja.

The big shift. Location and overall concept changes.

Kevin's workshop.

Continuation build-up circular concept.

Continuation build-up.

Yoga session led by Gert-Jan


Presentation Ariane.

Focus on finish and clean-up. Dicussion with Dommelhof about the leftovers.

Presentation Marit.

Plant meditation by Deurte, led by Gert-Jan.

Evaluation and tune-out.


Generated via





Questioning/thinking on meaningful and critical moments


In the decision of travelling to Neerpelt, consciously (seperately, but alltogether, from different geographical locations), lies a motoric moment. What does it mean?

We were allready travelling (on land), and for the first time we used the travel as part of the 'connection making'. The parallel whatsapp-group was used to reinforce this idea of a common journey. Knowing there was also people present in the online group, that were not travelling.

The journey is made semi-public as part of the project. It was the first time the journey became instrumental for the process as a whole.


Jaja, Kevin, Marit were there first, which altered there responsability of hosting 'the others' into the ecosystem 'Dommelhof' (picking up the keys, talking with the genator)


Connection to the travel situation towards vilnius. Commoning of the travel here is very different from Siebren, Breg and GJ taking planes towards a location. (The commoning of the journey was christalized from the conditions that we set as a practice)

Siebren stepping into the circle was a poetic moment. He was walking towards 'the coordinates' that Breg sent him via whatsapp. Stepping into the circle was done within an openness.

Making the dramaturgical moment of 'entering' more conscious, was much more part of the process.







What are the revealing threads, connections and relationships?