Exit earth

In the Exit earth project, we wish to investigate how can pictograms be used as a language for social/environmental statements and opinions?

Pictograms are simple signs that relay their information effortlessly. We are surrounded by thousands of them each day as the friendly couple on the doors of public toilets, on your smart phones and computers, as weather maps and road signs. They are there to inform or warn, or sometimes just to be decorative. Pictograms are becoming more and more popular, we see them, use them and make them, they are our helpers and supervisors presenting information. Pictograms are also responsible to the ideology of international language (beware slippery floors, Tidyman, Exit…). Isn’t that exactly what we need for the language of climate change?

The pictogram‘s days of slavery as pure bearers of information are over, they can now have an opportunity for self-expressiveness. Can they expand their obligations into newer fields of cultural identity and local expressiveness? Can they become opinionated figures encouraging us to challenge human values and discuss climate change? Build a global visual language that unites us?

By recomposing signs visually inspired by Margret Vivienne Calvert designs for UK road signs (1963) and ISO safety signs and ideologically inspired by the signs from Thierry Geoffroy picture series ‘TOO LATE’ we can create new climate comments and challenges.



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