Let me see the sea

February 2020


As in two previous examples, Follow The Lost Umbrella and My Secret Viennese Ritual, I separate the place of reading and the place of image display. In that manner, I question the mutual dependency of text and image and their role in forming the memory and imagination of those who listen to the reading and watch the slideshow.


I took a long walk, following the line of hotels in coastal, touristic Funchal, curious about the landscape formed on the border between the sea/land and the infrastructure built to maintain tourism. In order to get as close as possible to the sea, I needed to go through hotels and act as their guest. In these situations, I filmed with my camcorder and later wrote about this experience. 


I chose a beach on the opposite side of the tourist line I explored, the one I’d never visited before, a wild, hidden one, as a place for a live reading. Afterward, with the audience, I walked to a local cultural venue where we watched the slideshow.




In the case of this very experience, I realized that my camcorder helps me see the place differently, and I became aware of it as a noting tool.


I assessed this notion more profoundly in a lecture I gave at the Tourism Talks conference organized by the Social Design Department at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in April 2021. (documentation of it coming soon)




(The result)

Let me see the sea consisted of a live reading, at the beach that I haven't visited before, a little walk to the room in which the slide show was shown.


Research material.


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Watch the slideshow


Listen to the reading

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