The Tourist: zones, seasons,

and fields in between

October 2016 - ongoing


The Tourist: zones, seasons, and fields in between is a working title of my PhD project. I study the phenomenon of mass tourism and traveling by traveling and observing myself both as a tourist/traveler and the observer of the situation of tourism/traveling and its other participants. I record this experience through walking, circling, filming, writing, and photographing. Collected material serves as a sample for further inspecting and understanding the relationship between photographic images and the written word in my work. I want to understand my role as a photographer in re-generating "the image" within and without the photographed situation. I re-question the formats of photo books, photo-exhibition, and the role of photography in documenting social phenomena, curious about silent/invisible/sub/textual aspects of photography.


The research consisted of several 'missions' (tests, tasks, projects) divided into these categories:

1. Getting ready

2. The Journey

3. Looking back,

4. and aside

This exposition helps me to reorganize the material I have collected so far and to document the work created. The examples of my work are listed, standing for different phases of the research process, insights, thoughts, and questions. I see it as a part of the process of writing the reflexive documentation - a written description of the project, which will become a part of the final thesis.