15–21 October 2018, Split



I was invited by Queerarchive and Platforma Doma Mladih to spend time in Split and interact with the building Dom Mladih, which started to be built in 1974 as a megalomaniac cultural center, but never officially came into being. Still, the building is alive, and I was asked to reflect upon its state.


My main question was What can I, as an outsider, who has only three days to try to understand this place, learn about this building, having only my tools at hand, namely camera and written word?

Process and result:

I've spent three days circling around the building, trying to capture it from all different angles. I visited neighbours who have windows from which Dom is visible, and I entered Dom to capture back the opposite views. I recorded this experience, both in images, sound and in a form of a written diary. Collected material I used to construct the text which I read in front of a projected slideshow. Next to this live reading, the organizers of the event published a book referring to this experience. The work was done in Serbo-Croatian. Translation and documentation will follow soon.

This experiment helped me formulate the circling and a walk as methods of my research.


Watch the presentation here.


The booklet.


Transcript - Q+A

The article published in Badland Magazine.

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