Here you can find the score that I made, for analysis purposes, of the violin concerto in D minor examined in the Chapter 3. 

The criteria used for the realization of this score are the following: 


  • Since the Lund manuscript is generally less precise and it presents more errors and mistakes, I decided to use, as basis for the present score, the Vienna set of parts.
  • The indication of the roles for the viola parts (1st and 2nd) follows the Viennese source, even if they should be interchanged according to the harmonic role, as it is in the Lund source, see Chapter 3.5. 
  • The viola parts are notated in C clef, as it is in the Vienna manuscript, see Chapter 3.5. 
  • In the Basso Continuo part I presented above the line the numeration for the harmonic realization as it is reported in the Vienna manuscript, while below the line I presented the numeration of the Lund manuscript. 
  • The first half of bar 170 and 171 are written in tenor clef in the Vienna manuscript, while I notated them in F clef as it is reported in the Lund manuscript.  
  • I presented two Violone parts: the first one (Lund) is accordant to the Basso Continuo line, while the second one (Vienna) is the 'simplified' part realized by Nicolò Sanguinazzo, see Chapter 3.4. 
  • The tempo indication of the movement is accordant to the Vienna manuscript and Bach's transcription: the last movement is presented as Allegro, not as Vivace as it is reported in the Lund manuscript. 
  • I presented the Violino Concertino part in the fifth movement as it is notated in the Vienna manuscript: the shape of the arpeggios or the broken chords are written extensively only when the figure changes. 




Click over the picture to download the pdf of the score.