Maziar Raein, Stefan Elmer, Janne Camilla Lyster, Ivar Frounberg, Gro Marie Svidal, Silje Onstad Hålien, Tom Karlsrud, Clare Salaman, The Heritage Drummers, London Hardingfelelag

CRAFTMANSHIP | Kjell Tore Innervik & Håkon Høgemo

This project identifies a shortcoming in the range and coherence of the language that musicians use,in particular the Norwegian instrumental traditional music (folk music), when they aim to communicate the craft elements of their practice. It identifies craft as deep knowledge that is a result of skills based activities that again result in tacit knowledge. This knowledge has traditionally been communicated between practitioners or from master to apprentice through a series of subtle cues, ideas or metaphors,which resist language – it is learned through experience and a form attunement between the participants. It therefore, proposes to develop a vocabulary, based on and drawn from a practitioner’s perspective,through the “languaging” of keywords, and a critique of scores in order to revitalise the transmission of this knowledge for a new generation of musicians. Furthermore, it proposes that when attunement happens, it facilitates profound moments in performances, where the musician and audience reach a tacit recognition. The project proposes that these moments, colloquially described as ‘Magic Moments’ are the aim of most musicians in performance situations. These moments are often dependent on socialsituations. The project aims to construct a framework for further investigation of the contexts within which these moments manifest themselves.


The musical staringpoint of 20 tunes from Sogn is found under the tunes for Hardangerfiddle.


2019-2024 Funded by The Norwegian Artistic Research counsil (PKU) and the Arne Nordheim center for Artistic Research at NMH.