News and updates from the ‘Craftmanship’ project

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2 des: Presentation at NOFF - Nasjonalbiblioteket. HH + KTI

30 nov Dance and music workshop. Diggig in. At Centralen. HH,GMS, SH & KTI

24 nov: Scoring workshop. Updated versions of Halling etter Anders Nedreli, online

19 nov: Dansespelkonsert Chateau Neuf, HH+ KTI

Nov 17: 2nd parts and patterns, GMS, HH, KTI

Nov 16 Gorset, Høgemo and Innervik working on old Norwegian manuskripts Bruremarsj fra Underdal, Christian Marsj, Neste gang marsj 473 playford. Ost og brød

Nov 16 Innervik and Høgemo working on the rudiments of Halling

Nov 10 Innervik and Høgemo working on the rudiments of Halling

Nov 10 Gorset, Høgemo and Innervik working on old Norwegian manuskripts

Nov 10 Dance meeting: SH, GMS and Siri

Nov 9 Workshop Planning , SH,HH,GMS and KTI

Nov 5-6 Barne og ungdomssamlingen i Buskerud Sigdal

Birgitt Kollandsrud Friis and Kjell Tore Innervik. Numedal springar
Karolina Westerling and the drummers + Even

Håkon Skjæret og Sebastian Lindland, M@M, KTI

Nov 2

Reflecting on the presentation and the comments at ARC, Trondheim

November 1

Playable drum

thin reindear skin_raw, new rope from Basel,

Oct 23 TUP NMH, CMS goes R, test 1 with participants

Oct 22 Nodebok NO, Hans Olav Gorset, HH, KTI

Oct 18 presetation av ARF 2021 at Dokkhuset,Trondheim

The Comentator online: Professor Joshua Dickson, The Royal Conservatoire of Scortland

Meeting with Center for Norwegian traditional music and dance. Trondheim, Meeting with Luftforsvarets musikkorps, Trondheim

Oct 15. Presentation of the Craftmanship project at UIS, University in Stavanger, Department of Music and Dance.

Oct 4. ### Workshop with London Hardingfelelag. Clare Salaman and Håkon Høgemo, Anders Nedreli, two halling

October 1-3

National gathering of Tamburs in Trondheim

Presentation of Craftmanship by Høgemo and Innervik in Rustkammeret
Concert in Bispegaarden

Oct 1: Nasjonalt senter for Folkemusikk og folkedans, Trondheim

Into the archives

28 September at NMH

Workshop Silje Haalien, HH and KTI. Springar, Danselyst, Sjusprang 2,

22 September

Workshop KT + HH

Sjuspring, Danselag + Sundvor Harmonisering, underdeling, taktskifter Reichish

20 Sep: Sogn Spel og Danselag

Storren, Rotnheimskunt, Bruremarsj fra Justedalen, Halling etter Anders Nedrelid, springar etter Siggurd Eldegard. Håkon Høgemo, Marin Stallemo Bakke, Tom Karlsrud

The Burial: A seremonial approach to the March.

Sep 20. Sebastian, Jonas, Håkon S and KTI

The percussion class at NMH

Towards Trondheim, 1 - 3 October, A salute for E!

KT_Sep 2021

First session with Silje, the Dancer

The plan, reference material, a starting workshop.

The first presentation for The research fellow in the project

Gro Marie Svidal, Hardangerfiddle.

Workshop: Bruremarsjer. HH + KTI.

Tempi, musical references, flow, feeling, different parts or unison, frequency of the drum, different instruments.

Sogn go R…


The New drum from Scotland.

British drum co. Axial series. Light wooden drum, double snares. From D2 percussion

The Summer Camp for the young percussionists

Three Camps, French march, Scottish flourishing drumming basics, August in Klekken.

The old drum from the Netherlands. To be restored.

Thank you Ewout and Sofie:-)


The wedding: Sigrid and Håkon

July: 3rd

The Lærdal workshop, June 2021

**June 14. Meet and play: Indre Sogn spelemannslag. ** 5 tunes + talks about the possible way forward.

June 15 and 16th. Scoring the tunes


Concert at Heimen in Lærdal June 6

Scoring the 22 tunes with accompagnement parts and or second parts Talks about the way forward, Autumn and spring 2022.

The set of traditional drums for NMH, built in Basel, Büchler Trommelbau**

A set of 6 arrived this week to the academy.

Designed and ordered November 2019 by Bjørn Løken and Kjell Tore Innervik.
Arrived in Oslo in the start of June 2021.

Kjell Tore, Walter and Bjørn in the BüclerTrommel Bau, Nowember 2019.

The Drum.

The startingpoint. Found in a barn Telemark in Norway (1999). In possession of Kjell Tore Innervik.

The Resarch fellow in the project

To be official in a few days

Design talks lead by Maziar Raein with the design team.

A serias of groupmeetings final presentation in the session with Alexandre Balgiu

**Final exams, NMH spring 2021

Åsmund: performed "Sjuspringaren" etter Johannes Sundvor

Traditional drumming as part of The BA corricculum** Jonas performed a solo drum version of “Storren”

Sebastian performed “Halling etter Skrangle-Jens” and “Hei så dansa jenta mi” with Mathias

Tambur-tromme prosjekt for the students at NMH

NMH 2021, towards the 17 of Mai, part one for the percussion students at NMH. Rescedualed several times due to Covid.To be continued over the whole project period.

The percussion students at NMH. Traditionel drumming towards the 17th of May. A start. Cancelled halfway due to weather and Covid.

Youth from Voksen skoles musikkorps and Musikk på Majorstua learning traditional drumming.

Notation of the drum tunes.

Testing in April and May. Kjell Tore Innervik. Trad Norwegian drum tunes Trad Norwegian Hardanger fiddle tunes on the drum, solo Duo with Hardanger fiddle Mass drum band Spelemannslag including drums

**Natural rawhide workshop in the beginning of May **

Participants: Jonas, Sebastian, Arild, Ole-Jakob, Kjetil and Kjell Tore.

The skins came from Granberg garveri.

Step one: Stretching and drying the raw skin as preperation. The skins are: Goat and Calf.

Step two: Trimming the skin and getting it on the ring.

Step three: Put it on the drum and tention the rope. Let it dry.

David Henderson about Pipeband drumming.

An online workshop with students from the percussion department at NMH.

History and development * the national 5 * Higher Level * Advanced Higher Level * Drum salute to Max Rayne

KHIO working group lead by Maziar Raein

The hardangerfiddle notation project Workshops from November 2020 - June 2021 Håkon Høgemo, Tom Karlsrud, Kjell Tore Innervik

24.03 Workshop with the London Hardangerfiddle lag. Rotnheims-Knut, + video + score + live session.

2nd part playing.

Den siste Tambur. Learning the tunes from the TV program played by Erik Sundvor from 1979 at NRK

A articel about Håkon at “Fylkesarkivet”.

12.03 MA-Musical performance, mixed instruments-lab. Rotnheims-Knut

Learning the tune; From the master, score, video, other tools? Ornaments Notation as a tool The feeling, rythm

12.03 Drum testing session HH + KTI

Folkmusic week at NMH. Week 8. Trad drumming sessions

05.02.2021 Workshop with MA students at NMH, on Zoom. HH + KT

Håkon testing the new stomping pedal

KT working with Danich early drum books

KT working French introductions to the Tambour

KT searching for German drum books

16.12. Drumming workshop. Birger Mistereggen and Kjell Tore Innervik. Norwegian material, and some French

14.12.2020 Workshop in Lærdal. Documenting the Tunes. Audio and video in three angles. Multimedia aproach for learning the tunes. Left hand focus, right hand (bowing) and upper body, foot stomping patterns. More information than audio. For the use of musicians to learn the tunes. Liked to the scoring project.

The 20 tunes for the project. Håkon Høgemo and Tom Karlsrud, Kjell Tore innervik on zoom from Oslo.

Innerviks drum prosject autumn 2020. A reference project to the Norwegian tradition.

Exploring drum traditions throug manuscripts and manuals American French German British Swedish Danich and more


**Workshop with the London Hardangerfele lag**. Håkon Høgemo sharing the tune springar etter “Skrangle Jens” known in Indre Sogn.

Password: CMS


Workshop one, with Birger Mistereggen and Kjell Tore Innervik on the Norwegian tradition of drumming. Trommeslåtter as collected by Johannes Sundvor (Bergen) passed along to us by his grandson Eirik Sundvor. Archive material as sound/video/manuscripts are to be located and made available to the wider community. The ambition of making two mini conferences during the project period were discussed. We also spent some time putting the tradition in context, and international contacts are to be made in Europe.

Designing the prosject 1,2,3 with Maziar Raein and the core musical team

Workshops with Ivar Forunberg and the core musical team ablot scoring/notation**

Scoring the tunes. The HH collection project.

Springar performed at NasjonalmuseetThe sound is not ok. To bright drum. Will not be made public…

Brureslått etter Ola Mosafinn, Håkon Høgemo, Hardingfele and Kjell Tore Innervik, Slåttetromme.

Storren on the OLE OLSEN DRUM, 1892. Håkon Høgemo, Hardangerfiddle, Kjell Tore Innervik, Slåttetromme

Bruremarsj at Mads and Pål’s wedding