LIDAR scanning and cross-disciplinary practice methodologies


This cross disciplinary research was led by film maker, photographer and artist Ravi Deepres, and is expressed by two separate and distinct projects. The first, Woolf Works, is a contemporary dance project in which Deepres worked in collaboration with choreographer Wayne McGregor and the Royal Ballet. The second is Gain Line, a solo moving image gallery installation. 


The underlying research thread that runs through the two projects is to develop new ways of creating artistic representations of the human body in movement via the novel application of cutting-edge visual technologies. 


The key innovation in these two projects – developed in 2014-2015 – is the use of LIDAR (laser detection and ranging) technology for the first time in the context of choreographic practice. This technology is most commonly used for 3D map making and surveying. In this case I developed new applications, including using it for the first time to create 3D digital images of the human body.


LIDAR formed the central component in each of the two project methodologies in combination with other novel use of non-artistic visual and digital technologies. This exposition demonstrates the versatility and diversity of potential applications for the use of LIDAR in an artistic context.