Everyone interested in "Spatial Aesthetics and Artificial Environments"

is invited to become a member of this SIG.

If you have any questions,

please contact:

Dr. Gerriet K. Sharma


The founding members in 2020 were:


Prof. Stephan Günzel (Media Theory, TU Berlin),

Prof. Elena Ungeheuer (Musicology, Media Theory, University of Wuerzburg), 

Constantinos Miltiadis (Architecture/Choropoetics, Aalto University Helsinki), 

Timm Roller (Programmer, Performer, KHM Cologne)

Angela McArthur (Sound Artist, Queen Mary University) 

Janine Eisenächer (Performer, Curator, Errant Sound Berlin), 

Johannes Scherzer (Sonic Scenographer, Taucher Berlin), 

Prof. Martin Thiering (Linguistics, cognitive semiotics, RWTH Aachen), 

PhD Andrew Knight-Hill (Sound Designer, Composer, University of Greenwich), 

Yannick Hofmann (Sound Artist, Curator, ZKM Karlsruhe),

Dr. Art. Gerriet K. Sharma (Composer, Sound Artist, IKG Madrid and spaes Lab Berlin)