media artist I media theorist


born in 1991 in Bogotá investigates the historical, poetic, and material intersections between technology and the biosphere. 

Through texts, videos, web projects, and laboratories his work investigates the entanglement of ecological and digital information infrastructures, aiming at complicating the boundary between the virtual and the physical. He has focused most of his research on tracing the material and poetic connections between the internet and water, seeking to redirect people’s attention to the imminent materiality of the digital world in the midst of the current socioenvironmental crisis.

He has also produced transdisciplinary and collaborative laboratories, which seek to foster the critical appropriation of diverse technologies.


In collaboration with the SIG for Spatial Aesthetics and Artificial Environments, he wants to share his most recent interdisciplinary research at one of the seven landing sites of the Atlantis-2 fibre optic cable in Spain, the first to directly connect Europe and South America, which explores the deep infrastructural layers that make up the internet’s spatial genealogy.



1. Photo credit: Juan Pablo Pacheco Bejarano

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