dust: space-sound composition in book form – always 1st edition – for a performer, a score, and a microphone


1. Photo credit: Apple Yi Jiang

1. The "Couvent De La Tourette"

Le Corbusier on the "Couvent De La Tourette": www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBgFlw-CWRM

2. www.world-architects.com/de/veranstaltungen/biennale-architettura-2021-how-will-we-live-together

3. Gaston Bachelard (1992) The Poetics of Space. Boston, Massachusetts: Beacon Press; Reprint Edition


architect I landscape architect

The house shelters day-dreaming,

the house protects the dreamer,

the house allows one to dream in peace.

[Gaston Bachelard]



is currently doing a doctoral study focused on "multi-generation co-living based aging society" at ZFF, part of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

The research topic of "multi-generation co-living based on aging society" has started from her master thesis since 2018, in Studio Sejima, IOA, part of University of Applied Arts Vienna. Before taking on this master’s programme, she worked as an architect in Beijing for seven years at the Studio Peizhu, Graft, and Henn.


Within this SIG she wants to share ideas, knowledge, and researches which becomes a necessetiy, especially when everyone works in related studies and shares similar interests. Discussions and events, would also help her doctoral study in the way of communication and realisation in such social environment.