1. Photo credit: Rob Eagle

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ROB EAGLE, United Kingdom

lecturer I researcher I media artist I media technologist I dance performance


is an associate lecturer on the MA Virtual and Extended Realities programme at UWE Bristol where he is also currently writing up his PhD thesis on interactive documentary. He makes work spanning formats including AR, film, dance, and interactive art installations. His recent AR installation Through the Wardrobe was exhibited at festivals and galleries 2019-20, including Sheffield Doc/Fest, IDFA (Amsterdam), the Barbican (London), and the Goethe-Institut China (Beijing).

He works with spatial media (mainly audio and augmented reality) in installations, performances and site-specific experiences. His research and artistic practice in the past five years have focused on using materials and technology (like audio, AR and lighting) to create layered mediations and meditations of body and space. His recent AR installation Through the Wardrobe uses an AR headset to present the voices of people not present, unfolding as the visitor moves through the space. He has also been developing a performance work with a dancer over the past two years that uses AR to mediate the physical relationship between audience and dancer.

He is now looking for networks of fellow researcher-practitioners who are dealing with questions related to bodies, media, and space.