relational space: some arbitrary state of



1. Photo credit: Nico Espinoza

1. Gilbert Simondon – to think about almost everything

2. Bernard Stiegler and Yuk Hui are really important for me, as a path to extend Simondon's ideas into our current moment

3. Cecile Malaspina (2018) An Epistemology of Noise. London: Bloomsbury Academic – it is more to conceptualize ideas of emergent properties that can be applied to spatial thinking

4. Gascia Ouzounian (2021) Stereophonica: Sound and Space in Science, Technology, and the Arts. Massachusetts: The MIT Press

5. Henri Lefebvre (1991) The Production of Space. Wiley-Blackwell; 1st edition


sound artist I composer


works with sound by making art, music, design, techniques and technologies, through experimental processes. His artwork is characterized by a transdisciplinary approach to different fields of knowledge, and his works and performances have been exhibited in Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, London, Belfast, Sydney, Linz, Valparaíso and Santiago. He also works as sound designer, creative coder and art curator for creative studios and international institutions.

The conceptual frame of the SIG resonates with my own interests and practices as sound artist and thinker.