experience designer I researcher I media & sound artist I media theorist I sculptor I illusionist I writer


is a sound artist, noise fanatic, amp worshiper,
environmental artist, music composer

(installations and ensembles or soloists
(with or without electronics [and/or computers])

and/or self as solo performer
(viola, guitar, objects, percussion, voice, electronics));

writer, researcher, educator


{morphology, pattern formation & recognition},
{phenomenology (temporality, real and unreal, situations and circumstances)},
{environments (ecology, interactivity)},
{(pre-) history (& post-)};

Jorge is interested in the active and inquisitive delve by which one is proposing an individual and collective exploration of space and its creation: intersubjective, subjective, objective, and/or otherwise. He spends a great deal of time reflecting on, theorising, and studying other's practical and hypothetical frameworks for the understanding of experiences of space, temporality, and their material correlates. He is strongly interested in the possibilities for collective research and experimentation in these fields and would be very keen to energetically try it out.


1. Photo credit: Emma Hirsk

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2. Lucy R. Lippard (2007) Lure of the Local: Senses of Place in a Multicentered Society. New York: The New Press

3. The Spiral Jetty. A text, film, object by
Robert Smithson


     Incidents of Mirror-Travel in the Yucatan
www.artforum-incidents-of-mirror-travel- in-the-yucatan.com

     Sedimentation of the Mind: Earth Projects

4. Don Ihde (2012)Experimental Phenomenology: Multistabilities. Chapter 13: Variations on the Camera Obscura. Revised Edition. New York: State University of New York

5. City-Links. Artwork by
Marianne Amacher, 1967-1981