landscape architect I architect I lecturer I researcher I media & sound artist I spatial audio visual artist



is concerned with the discovery and exploitation of creative reciprocities between music; as constructed sound, and architecture; as constructed space, working at the intersection between sonic and spatial practices.  Her spatialised compositions have been performed internationally.

She has released music on labels: Algebra, NMC & Musicity. She is currently composing for the London Symphony Orchestra. Her work has been exhibited at the RA & RIBA and has been published in Architectural Design (Wiley) and Organised Sound (Cambridge University Press). She has been nominated for the Lumen Prize for Art and Technology 2021 & hosts a radio show on RTM.FM.

Emma is looking to discuss and collaborate with like-minded practitioners and researchers, in order to participate in and organise events and new projects concerned with sound and space. She is particularly interested in developing and discussing spatialised audio-visual projects, in both physical and digital environments.


1. Photo credit: Emma-Kate Matthews

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