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 "In order to scare a more complex and integrate conceptualization

to architectural and urban design."

had a professorship for Architectural Design at the School of Architecture - Politecnico di Milano from 1979 - 2010, has been a visiting professor at Syracuse University and Pratt Institute, USA from 1978-1979 as well as a visiting professor Master "Housing and the Urban Form” Columbia University in 1985. From 1981-1993 he was a member of the PhD Faculty at the Venice School of Architecture as well as a member of Politecnico di Milano PhD Faculty from 2000-2001 and was a visiting professor at the Academia di Architettura in Mendrisio, Switzerland from 2002-2003.


1. Credit: Emilio Battisti

1. Mies Van der Rohe - Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin (1968). In this exhibition of the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin, the building’s place in the work of Mies van der Rohe (Aachen 1886–1969 Chicago) is illustrated. His design and building activity touched on very similar themes throughout his career. He began developing the radical idea of open space as free of supports as possible in the 1920s, one in which interior and exterior could flow into each other. His buildings are characterised by grandeur and a striving for perfection. In addition, they feature clarity and reduction with a simultaneous richness of furnishings and often visually staged construction elements.

2. Casa del Facio di Como by Italien archtitect Giuseppe Terragni

3. Piazza Gae Aulenti,  Milano (Italy)