1. Photo credit: Danja Burchard

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lecturer I creative producer I performative research



is a creative cultural worker currently based in Bergen. Her practice intersects creative production, performance and research with a major interest in discursive and social practices across the disciplines. Her practice and research also dig more into fields where space, perception, and the construction of the social overlap.  Danja holds a BA in Music, Art, Media, a MA in Language, Communication & European Culture, and studied performing arts in Barcelona. Parallel to her practice, she worked for international artists including Tomás Saraceno, Nahum& KOSMICA Institut, Josep Mias, Daniel Mariblanca, Jingyi Wang.

Her interest in architecture and spatial practice stems from her research into utopic architectures and speculative narratives as part of her MA. Later spatial practice transformed into a thinking filter, with which she aims to look at social micro phenomena such as the almost, the space between the lines or the lines in general.

In collaboration with Maike Statz, she is currently developing "Politics of Somatic Architecture" a project where from a queer perspective they aim to investigate power structures incorporated into architectural elements. How do we read spaces, and how do we perform them? What narratives do they tell? How do they produce connection, disconnection or propose elements of care or hierarchical separation?