dance performance artist



"Performance needs space to happen,

and needs space to be documented and articulated."

is a contemporary dance artist, curator, and scholar from Yekaterinburg, Russia who is based in London. From 2000-2005, Ekaterina danced with the Provincial Dances Theatre. Since 2006, she has been working independently and in collaborations. From 2012-18 she curated dance programs for museum spaces e.g. Yekaterinburg History Museum and Boris Yeltsin Presidential Museum. From 2013-17, she collaborated with media artist Denis Perevalov on dance (interactive) media performances.

As an artist and curator, she creates space for performances to happen. As a scholar, she creates space for (self-)reflection and discussion on performances. To her, the notion of space is crucial for dance performance as it relates to its existence and survival over time as well as its development as a field.


1. Photo credit: Ekaterina Zharinova

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