1. Photo credit: Breg Horemans

1. www.design-earth-elephant-in-the-room.com

    Narrated by Donna Haraway, 2021

2. www.bokrijik-sengu.vimeo.com

3. www.sir-john-soane-museum-london.youtube.com

4. www.taat-shadow.netlify.app/archive
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5. www.timothy-morton-in-conversation.youtube.com


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is a trained architect/artist, practice-based researcher, and co-founder of the TAAT-collective: www.taat-projects.com. He is interested in spatial dramaturgy in which human and more-than-human entities are negotiating ways to 'co-constitute' each other. He is starting a PhD on this subject, in which he will focus on scripting, hands-on installation work, and the digital architecture of a common archive.

Since 2011 his disciplinary focus oscillates between architecture and performance, queering himself into the interdisciplinary fields of expanded scenography and social/interaction design. He situates himself within spatial dramaturgy (Kleine, Turner) as both field and method: by exploring methods of "scripting," approaching it as a critical spatial practice (Mouffe, Rendall) and generating methods of artistic commoning (Laermans) through a post-anthropocentric perspective.