1. Photo credi: Emily O'Hara

1. Georges Perec (2008) Species of Spaces and Other Pieces. Penguin Classics

2. Pollen from hazelnut by Wolfgang Laib at MOMA, New York www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-_92MYcANk

3. Roland Barthes (2010) Mourning Diary. Trans. Richard Howard. New York: HILL & WANG

4. Future Library by Katie Paterson, 2014-2114.

EMILY O’HARA, New Zealand

lecturer I researcher I spatial designer



has a spatial practice that works through extended duration iterative processes in the form of; performance-with-installation, photography, moving image and drawing. Through these modes, she explores ideas of temporality—particularly as connected to lunar and solar cycles¬—alongside notions of language, silence and ineffability in relation to mourning, the maternal and otherness.

As a spatial designer, questions of space are at the centre of her interests, both in terms of research and her own creative practice. Space as a plural condition is a framework for thinking about our collective spatio-temporal that has underpinned much of my work for the last decade. She is interested not in fixity, mastery or "setting things down in stone" but rather in openness, fluidity and in attempting to articulate that which is ineffable, yet central to human experience. To her, these experiences of ineffability are oft-anchored in experiences of space and time, however concrete or abstract.

The liquid volume of my body, 2016