1. Photo credit: Maria Gil Ulldemolins

1. Lisa Robertson (1999) Soft Architecture: A Manifesto. Exhibition Catalogue. Artspeak Dazibao Gallery Montreal

2. Jane Rendell (2011) Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism.  ‎ London: I.B. Tauris

3. Carmen Maria Machado (2019) IN THE DREAM HOUSE: A Memoir. Minneapolis: Graywolf Press

4. Structure of Existence: The Cells by Louise Bourgeois. A series of architectural spaces that she developed over twenty years.

5. Heidi Bucher's latex casts of spaces


lecturer I researcher I experimental academic writing

is as an artistic researcher interested in interiorities: how to define the spatial sense of being oneself, the space of one’s thoughts, affects, and memories? This leads to an interest in "other" architectures, by which she means structures where conceptual dwelling takes place: soft, textual, and digital. In order to engage with these "spaces", she often works autotheoretically, inserting a performatively-written self in a scaffold of theory, art, and literature.

Since we are embodied, architecture is such an immediate resource for knowledge. It is a constant metaphor used to understand ourselves, others, and a myriad of crucial relationships. But these metaphorical architectures are still architectures of sorts, and we also exist in and through them. As someone who is especially keen on autotheory and hybrid forms of writing, she is curious about genres as architectures; how these meet together on a page, formally as well as conceptually; and their inner design processes. I’d like to be considered for this group to find "good neighbours" in a Warburgian sense, expand my own understanding of these still-architectures, and maybe arrive at potential collaborations.