BRANDON ABLES, United States of America

media artist

is an intermedia artist who invents new methods of multi-level reading, writing, and listening. He creates and playbacks text and audio by performing everyday or absurd gestures with objects or in locations. Triggering simple switches or sensors fitted to objects or locations controls the speed at which one-word slides are presented on a screen, syllables of pre-recorded speech are played on a speaker, midi notes are performed from a score, or key selections are made on an onscreen keyboard.

His interactive reading and writing techniques attempt to pair these experiences with locations to increase memory and recall. He intends to make our living spaces interactive memory palaces, increasing the efficiency or our everyday activities in spaces.


1. Photo credit: Brandon Ables

1. Shared Space Theory – a concept which was created by Dutch traffic engineer Hans Monderman

2. Seen. An installation by David Rokeby, 2002

3. Method of Loci from Marcus Tullius Cicero’s "De Oratore"