1. Photo credit: Yiling Hung

1. "Real Fiction Cinema" a temporary art intervention by Job Koelewijn, Basel 2011

2. "Safari Intime" by the French theatre group Opéra Pagaï

3. Victor W. Turner (1982) Acting in everyday life and everyday life in acting. Chapter in book: From ritual to theatre : the human seriousness of play. New York City : Performing Arts Journal Publications

4. Edward T. Hall (1996) The hidden dimension. New York: Doubleday

YILING HUNG, Netherlands

lecturer I researcher I scenographer I performer

is coming from the backgrounds of architecture, lighting design, and scenography. Most of her projects are small-scale interactive performances, through which she attempts to generate conversations with and among the spectators on societal issues. She wants to shorten the distance between artistic works and people. For her, art is not about aesthetic presentation, but about the impacts and relations which are generated through it.

Working as a performing artist and being a PhD candidate at the same time, her current practice and research can be roughly divided into two different yet inter-related directions: one is exploring the performativity in everyday environment. The other is, through her PhD research project, she is studying how a migrant perceives the new relocated environment and how the spatial experiences influence the formation of sense of belonging.