1. Photo credit: Marinos Koutsomichalis

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lecturer I researcher I media & sound artist I algorithms & landscape exploration

is an artist, scholar, and creative technologist. He is broadly interested in the materiality of self-generative systems, (post-)digital objecthood, sound, image, data, electronic circuitry, perception, selfhood, and the media/technologies we rely upon to mediate, probe, interact or otherwise engage with the former.

Aspects of his work relate a lot with space - in terms of exploring some particular place (e.g. some landscape, and referring to all societal, ecological, object/material related, geophysical, technological, animal related and so on affairs), exploring space-hood and place-hood and alternative takes on them (e.g. considering hybrid techno-physical spaces, networked performances, etc), or via installations or other hybrids that are meant to occupy space or enact their own configuration therein.