LARA WEAVER, Northern Ireland

lecturer I researcher I sound artist I composer

is currently undertaking a PhD at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) at Queen’s University Belfast, under the supervision of Professor Pedro Rebelo. Previously, she was at St John’s College, Cambridge, where she read for her undergraduate degree and MPhil. Her current research focuses on acoustic ecology and spatial auditory practices — particularly focussing on the relationship between sound and the space it exists within. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, this spans from geopolitics (considering sound as territory, an indicator of presence, an occupier of airborne space, and a vehicle of social constructions of power and agency), to environmental sciences (composing using infrasonic vibrations), echolocation principles (looking at the performative nature of orientation through sound), and the use of space as an instrument in itself.

Most recently, she explored architecture and acoustics through spatial composition, looking at how spaces manifest sound, and how music creates and shapes space through its acoustic properties and cultural codes.


1. Photo credit: Lara Weaver

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5. I am sitting in a room. A sound art piece by Alvin Lucier, 1969