architect I landscape architect I lecturer I researcher I media artist

www.hellebrabrand.com/body_space_interface presents a series of his work

Dance with Space – animate-configuring
Drawing Millions of Spaces – turning convex concave
Along and Across - kin-esthetic space making {peer-reviewed as artistic research 2019, Royal Danish Academy Copenhagen}

Spacebody actual virtual, 2005
Mixed movement in the composition plane, 2005
Spacewalking: normal and aberrant movement, 2010

Powers of Drawing – Aesthetics of transformation

Helle’s work with spatial aesthetics operates with drawing-transformations as processes of trans-medial and intermedial space-time expositions. The work engages the aesthetics of movement as an architectural driver, with key questions summed up: how can we implement aesthetic forces of movement as potential powers of drawing?

Movement is an obvious part of the experience of architectural space, and in architectural drawing, a lot of communicative and functional aspects of movement are represented. The aesthetic aspect of movement, though, is another matter, and it is these aesthetic aspects - partly intertwined with etic aspects - that are his focus.

His work is exposed mostly as videos and drawings. The actual work-in-progress is to be implemented as an Augmented Reality or AR "installation." Parallelly the work relates to theoretical theses and stands for the aesthetics of movement or gesture.


1. Photo credit: Gonzalo H. Rodriguez

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