media artist I sound artist I composer

studied graphic design and worked for several years with advertising agencies. Then he studied audiovisual media at the Linz University of Art and Design as well as jazz composition and classical composition and electroacoustic composition in Linz and Zurich. His projects are between contemporary music, media art, and electroacoustic music. He realized several chamber music compositions, audiovisual performances and musical theatre projects.

Both in his artistic work and in my research, he focuses mainly on multimedia performances in space. Two aspects are important here: the relationships of the media to each other and their relationship to space and audience. He suggests that the spatial arrangement of image and sound projections is suitable both to create liveness and presence and to establish a relationship with the audience. After being involved in different research projects and he is currently doing a PhD, where he is looking at similar questions.


1. Photo credit: Raimund Vogtenhuber

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