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is a research assistant and PhD candidate at Technical University Berlin and HAW Hamburg. He studied design at Folkwang UdK and HFBK Hamburg. With Ina Römling he founded the design and research collective HEFT. Since 2016, HEFT has been working on socio-spatial issue through spatial designs, workshops, archives, exhibitions, research trips. Fundings include Zukunftsstipendium (2021), Elbkulturfonds (2020), Bibliothek Andreas Züst (2019), Spiegel Online Social Design Award (2018).

The idea of a network exchanging questions of spatiality from the perspective of artistic research seems crucial for keeping a practice vibrant. He continually tries to widen his perception of what questions concerning "the spatial" mean for different disciplines and maybe develop a poetic vocabulary for an already existing physical-virtual future.


1. Torben Körschkes

1. Martina Löw Martina (2001) Raumsoziologie. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp

2. Nel Janssens (2017) Collective Sense-Making for Change: About Conversations and Instructs. in: Meike Schalk, Thérèse Kristiansson, Ramia Mazé (eds.) in: Feminst Futures of Spatial Practice: Materialisms, Activisms, Dialogues, Pedagogies, Projections. Baunach: AADR

3. Parliament is a book that explores the double-sided relationship between space and politics by documenting and comparing the plenary halls of the parliaments of all 193 United Nations member states. This website is the virtual counterpart to the book:

4. Demos Gold by Andreas Angelidakis as part of “THE SOUND OF SCREENS IMPLODING” curated by Andrea Bellini and Andrea Lissoni at OGR Torino, 2019