Anastasia CHERNIGINA, Raphael BRUNI | FR |




La pratique « Balades et créations sonores » en Sibérie comme pratique d’éco-formation émancipatrice




In my research, I characterize ecological education as integral and complex - that is, life in all its immanent diversity - and I draw inspiration from the holistic education of indigenous people (Yakuts, American Indians, etc.). It is an education that stimulates a daily relationship of the subject with the universe, that seeks to establish connections, to build local and planetary citizenship with a world-centric vision [as opposed to a vision centered on oneself or on one's community only] and non-dual (the principle that we are beings-in-relation: we are part of the environment that is part of ourselves); this is what eco-pedagogy proposes. Our research work is the experimentation of the "soundwalk and sound creation" device with teenagers in order to allow them to broaden their awareness of the environment in a process of mutual exchange and thus foster their personal development and autonomy. In this article, the case of the experimentation of this device in Siberia is exposed and studied. Some changes expressed during the last evaluation interview of the participants: Adolescents pay more attention to the nuances of sound: “The flowing river has flooded trees, and the sound of the water is totally different there, the water whistles regularly”, “When the bumblebee is sitting on a flower, the sound is blurred and muffled, and when it flies away from the flower, the sound is already clear.” The participants of the workshop have learned to clearly distinguish industrial sounds from natural sounds, not only by their sonority: "Industrial sounds can be brusque, abrupt, short, and in nature, they are more often soft and persistent ", but also by the type of relationship between them: “In the forest, all sounds interact with each other, which allows a smooth transition between sounds. And in the city or in the village the sounds differ from each other in volume and do not interact.” All participants also clearly distinguish the sounds of open and closed spaces, thus confirming the need to “get out” of the school building: “It is very noisy in a school. There are mostly sounds of doors, people, footsteps. You probably won't hear anything else until you open the window. Because in the street there are a lot of different sounds." Many participants spoke of a positive change in their state of mind during the soundwalk: "We went into nature and we breathed easier. Usually, we rarely go out", "The soundwalk helped me to harmonize my inner state. In the forest, you are outside of yourself and thus interact with nature. I have learned to distance myself from my problems.” The participants also speak of a feeling of freedom, lightness, joy, and relaxation during a walk in the forest and near the school.


Anastasia CHERNIGINA, Fourth year of PhD school in Educational Sciences - Paris8 University Thesis: "Soundwalk and sound creation: an interactive device of integral eco-training promoting a reappropriation of the Earth by humanity" under the supervision of Nacira Guenif- Souilamas 2015-2014 Master 2 in Education, Training, Social Intervention, "Lifelong Learning" course (honours) – Paris8 University 2014-2012 Master1, Master 2 in Applied Foreign Languages (honours) - University of Franche-Comté 2011-2006 Equivalent Master's degree in Linguistics (English, French) and Intercultural Communication, Education / Teacher Training (mention excellent) - Moscow State Linguistic University WORK EXPERIENCES and TRAINING 2018, one week Internship entitled "Basic training of the explicitation interview" level 1 2018-2019 English teacher at the Françoise Dolto college in Villepinte 2020-2015 Organisation of a series of soundwalks and sound creations in different places and with a varied public 2017-2013 Host of the programme "Do you know where I come from" on Radio Campus Besançon102,4 FM and on Radio Paris 8 "Bonjour" (Saint-Denis) 2017 January-June Assistant of the composer Nicolas Frize ("Les Musiques de la Boulangère" association) in his research / musical creation project "Elle s'écoule » Trilingual: Russian, English, French