The Potential of Sound Systems – Processional Shunt from Thailand to France







EDUCATION 2016-present: PhD candidate at LESC (University Paris Nanterre) and CASE (EHESS). Thesis provisory title: Buddhism, Body and Machines, the Sound Systems of Thailand (Under the direction of Sabine Trebinjac and Dana Rappoport) 2013-2016: Master’s degree in “Southeast Asian Studies” and “Music and Social Sciences” (EHESS) 2013-2020: degrees in Thai and in Lao languages (INALCO) 2011-2013: degree in Musicology (University of Lille 3) 2008-2010: Preparatory School in Literature and Humanities (Lycée Descartes, Tours) PUBLICATIONS - « The Dual Fate of the Twin Horns – from United States anti-communist weapon to the Phetchabun processionnal bands’ sound system (Thailand) » Haukamp, Hoene and Smith Eds. Asian Sound Cultures, London: Routledge, forthcoming. - co-writer with Lamontagne S. « The Thai King Passes, the Music Stops », Ethnomusicology Review, UCLA (http://ethnomusicologyreview.ucla.edu/content/thai-king-passes- music-stops), 03/01/2017 COMMUNICATIONS - « Thai Ritual Soundspaces : Anarchistic Maximalization or Sonic Architecture ? », at BFE/SFE Joint Conference, U. of London, 2019 - "What electricity had done to Thai music? « Long drums » procession bands and the « low style » electronic music’’, AAS in Asia, Bangkok, 2019 - « Silence national – impact et mutations du silence après la mort du roi Rama IX de Thaïlande, octobre 2016 - octobre 2017 » (https://soundcloud.com/user-897145586/sets/faire-silence-experiences), Faire silence, Marseille, 2019